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Holiday Programmes Designed with Your Loved One in Mind


Our Easter and Summer Programmes cater to students:

  • struggling academically at school

  • having difficulty reading

  • preparing for their upcoming 11+, Criterion Reference Test or CXC exam

  • who want to stay ahead

  • who want to have fun during their holiday break


EduSport is a great trade off for parents whose children love sports and the outdoors and still need to work on bringing their grades up. In addition  to focussing on Mathematics and the Language Arts subjects, students will spend their afternoons doing what they love. Whether its football, basketball, netball, volleyball, cricket, swimming or tennis we know they'll still have loads of fun.

Future Readers

If your child is having difficulties learning to read or is reading below their respective grade level, you'll be glad you made the investment in our renowned holiday reading programmes. During your child's time with us they will participate in lessons that cover Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Reading Fluency, Comprehension and Spelling & Vocabulary.


As parents we always want what’s best for our children and we often feel hopeless when they’re underperforming at school. Our Academia programme lets you get your child the help they deserve. This programme covers Math, Grammar, Comprehension, Composition & Spelling and Vocabulary. Recreational activities include outdoor and indoor games, tours, movie sessions and tours.

Be 11+ Ready

Do you have or know any children sitting the 11+ exam in May next year? This programme is designed to give them a head start and includes sessions in Grammar, Mathematics, Comprehension, Essay Writing, and Spelling & Vocabulary. Students enrolled in this programme will have the option of continuing their journey towards success with our highly sought after 11+ Programmes. 

CXC Exam Prep

Summer is the ideal time for your child to begin preparing for their upcoming CXC exams and start mastering the skills required for SBA completion. In addition, Easter is a good time to zoom in on problem areas or get additional practice just before exams begin. Our CXC holiday programmes cover subjects in Science, Business, General Students and Foreign Languages. Of course, our programme wouldn't be complete without Mathematics and English Language.


Kidsmania is the perfect choice if your child is doing great at school and deserves some down time to relax and have tones of fun at least for the first half of their summer holiday (as we don't want them to be a victim of 'summer slide'). Our Kidsmania programme includes tours, experiments, arts & crafts, sports and more.

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