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About Us - Saanma International

Our Journey:

Founded in March 2006 as Comprehensive Learning Academy, Saanma International began its mission with a focus on providing educational solutions to help children ages 4-16 excel at school and beyond. Originally dedicated to nurturing academic excellence among younger students, our foundational division was later renamed Saanma Learning Centre, reflecting our expanded vision and capabilities.

In a parallel stride towards educational advancement, Angelica's Junior High was established in 2011, offering dedicated junior and high school education. Renamed in the same pivotal year, it became known as Saanma Junior and High School, further aligning with our broader educational philosophy.

2015 marked a significant milestone as both entities became integral divisions of what is now known as Saanma International. This expansion set the stage for the addition of various other divisions, each designed to address specific educational and business development needs within the community and beyond.

Our Growth and Awards:

As we have evolved, our commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous awards that highlight our impact across multiple facets of education and business:

  • Excellent Education Service Award: Celebrating our high standards in educational services.

  • Business Awards for Financial Responsibility, Job Creation, and Tuition Services: These accolades acknowledge our role in fostering economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and providing outstanding educational programs.

  • Bambusa Award and Most Innovative Service Award: These awards commend our innovative approaches within the educational sector, helping us stand out as pioneers in service delivery.


Leadership and Recognition:

Our founder's vision and leadership have been central to our success. Her remarkable achievements have been honored with the Most Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, underscoring her influential role in shaping both the educational landscape and the entrepreneurial community.


Our Mission Moving Forward:

At Saanma International, we remain dedicated to "Propelling Minds Towards Greatness." Through our diverse divisions, including the Saanma Learning Centre, Saanma Junior and High School, and the forthcoming Saanma Student Intervention Centre, we continue to empower students and entrepreneurs alike. Each division, from our educational branches to our business institutes, contributes to a holistic ecosystem that nurtures potential and transforms futures.

By continuously expanding and refining our services, we commit to advancing our mission and impacting lives positively, ensuring that every individual we touch is equipped to achieve their fullest potential.

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