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Subjects: Saanma Junior School

  • Language Arts - Grammar, Comprehension, Composition, Reading & Phonics, Spelling & Vocabulary


  • Foreign Languages - Chinese, Spanish, French, Sign Language


  • Other - Mathematics, Penmanship, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, Science, General Knowledge, Computer Literacy (coding, web design, etc.)

Subjects: Saanma High School

  • Business & Technology - Principles of Business, Principles of Accounts, Office Administration, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Computer Literacy - coding, web design, etc.


  • Foreign Languages - Chinese, Spanish, French, Sign Language


  • The Arts - Visual Arts, Food & Nutrition, Music, Theatre Art


  • Sciences - Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human & Social Biology, Integrated Science, Geography


  • Technical - Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Woodwork, Clothing & Textiles, Construction, Automotive Technology, Barbering & Hairdressing, Photography & Videography, etc.


  • Others - Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, History, Social Studies, Health & Family Life Education, Life Skills 

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