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Hi, I'm Sasha Mapp, Founder of Saanma International

Like many of you, my journey hasn’t been a straight line—it was more like a dance, sometimes graceful, often a bit awkward LOL, but always moving forward.

I started my career as an Economist, which was great right? It was a prestigious job with a great salary and fantastic benefits but there was just one problem...I didn't love my job and had to drag myself to work daily. Despite how I felt, everyone thought I was crazy when I resigned.

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My heart was always in teaching and empowering others so, after resigning, I dived full-time into the world of education and entrepreneurship and not only turned my side hustle (home tutoring) into my main hustle (physical location) but I also started a private school....and what a dance the last 18 years have been! 

Over the years I've had the honor of receiving multiple awards, including: Entrepreneur of the Year, Most Outstanding Female Entrepreneur, the

National Bambusa Youth Award as well as awards for Tutoring and Educational Services.


Why You're Here: Our Missions

Start Your Dream Business Masterclass ($175USD)
I've walked the path of building a business from the ground up and I've learned a lot along the way—both what to do and what NOT to do. My goal is to help you start your business on solid ground, speed up your growth, and skip the painful (and costly) mistakes I and other entrepreneurs have made. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this masterclass is your springboard. Click here to register.

We'll spend four (4) sessions together during which I will help you to:  

  1. choose a profitable business idea that aligns with your knowledge, experience, expertise and interests.

  2. conduct market research.

  3. select your niche and target audience.

  4. craft and price your offers.

  5. differentiate your business from your competitors.

  6. brand your business.

  7. validate your business idea.

Sessions are held on Sundays 5:30-7:30 p.m. AST. You'll receive workbooks and handouts during the course to help you through the process of building your business. After completing the course you will receive a BONUS 1-on-1 session with me to help you gain further clarity and assistance in any area of your business that you desire. You'll also have the option of joining the Saanma Business Alliance Network - our community of aspiring entrepreneurs just like you - to continue receiving assistance and support as you grow and scale your business. Click here to register.

Not quite ready to start? You can register to secure your spot, as I only accept a maximum of 10 persons per class to ensure that I can work closely with everyone throughout the course. Click here to register.

Here's the class schedule for the remainder of 2024:

July 14 - Aug 4 Click here to register.

Aug 18 - Sep 8 Click here to register.

Sep 22 - Oct 13 Click here to register.

Nov 3 - Nov 24 Click here to register.


Dec 8 - Dec 29 Click here to register.

Here's what some of our current Saanma Business Alliance Network members said about the Start Your Dream Business Masterclass (all of whom you'll get the opportunity to meet and collaborate with if you decide to join the Saanma Business Alliance Network after you've completed the course):

Alicia Cave: "I loved how interactive the session was and the opportunity to learn about the other participants. It really helped me to feel connected and inspired."


Shonelle Branker: "The session helped me to shift my mindset from employee to entrepreneur and showed me how one can monetise practically anything. It was more than what I expected in the first session, and I appreciated how personable it was.

Dave Maughn: "The Start Your Dream Business Masterclass was money well spent. I enjoyed learning about the diverse knowledge and backgrounds of participants, as well as cultural differences and accents. The facilitator's teaching style was engaging and informative."


Ryan Clarke: "The session helped me to shift my thinking from one idea to a million and one ideas. I appreciated how the content was presented and found it both engaging and informative."

Click here to register.

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Let’s Connect & Grow Together!

Have questions? Shoot me a message on WhatsApp at:


Want to learn more about me? Visit my website

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