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We want what's best for them too.

Mastering The Fundamentals


Day:             Saturdays

Time:           9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Location:    At our facility

Ages:          11-16 years

Cost:           $75/week OR $280/month


9:00-9:45 - Grammar/Spelling & Vocabulary 
9:45-10:30 - Essay Writing/Comprehension
10:30-10:45 - Break
10:45-11:30 - Computation 
11:30-12:15 - Problem Solving/Math discussions
12:15-1:00 - Geometry/Trigonometry/Graphs

Flexi-Study (1-on-1)

Day:             Any day subject to tutor availability 

Time:           Any time subject to tutor availability

Location:     At our facility, online or the student's home

Ages:            4-11 years

Cost:            See below


1 hour per week - $45.00

2 hours per week - $35.00 each

3 hours per week - $30.00 each

4 or more hours per week - $25.00 each

Smart Study

Day:             Every day

Time:           Any time subject to student availability/schedule

Location:     Online

Ages:            11-16 years

Cost:            $90/subject

About Programme:        

Our Smart Study program is designed to enhance students' learning experiences after school by providing targeted, on-demand structured study exercises. Its goal is to help students reinforce their day-to-day schoolwork, improve their understanding of complex subjects, and boost overall academic performance.

EduThrive (Academic & Executive Coaching)


Day:             Any day subject to coach availability 

Time:          Any time subject to coach availability

Location:    At our facility or online

Ages:          11-16 years

Cost:           $25-$45 per hour, depending on package chosen



  1. Effective Study Techniques

  2. Time Management Skills

  3. Note-taking Methods

  4. Memory Techniques

  5. Stress Management and Well-being

  6. Career Exploration

  7. Resume Writing

  8. Interview Skills

  9. Job Search Strategies

  10. Goal Setting and Action Planning

  11. Critical Thinking

  12. Communication Skills

  13. Problem Solving

  14. Decision Making

  15. Leadership Skills

  16. Emotional Intelligence

  17. Financial Literacy

  18. Entrepreneurship

  19. Creativity and Innovation

  20. Teamwork and Collaboration

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