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        Get Ahead Summer Camp 2022

Make the right choice for your child this summer. 

Programme Choices:


Note: Activities include Academics, Coding, Arts & Craft, Sports, Tours, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, General Knowledge and Science.

  1. Future Achievers ($85/week) - Perfect fit for students who are currently working below their respective grade level, as this programme is designed to help them catch up, keep up and get ahead by closing knowledge gaps.

  2. EduThrive ($85/week)  - It’s the end of the term and once again you’re proud of your child’s performance at school. No doubt, you want them to keep up the good work in their next class. Our EduThrive programme is designed to help children like yours stay ahead by learning next school year’s concepts during the summer holiday. 

  3. Reading Rockets ($100/week) - Is your child struggling with Reading and/or Spelling? We’ve helped many kids improve their Reading and Spelling in as little as 8 weeks and we can help your child too. Our Reading Rockets programme will help your child master phonics, phonemic awareness and word attack strategies swiftly, even if they are dyslexic.

  4. Be 11+ Ready ($100/week) - Ensure your child adequately covers the 11+ curriculum and is fully prepared for their exam by enrolling them in our Be 11+ Ready summer programme. Campers will also benefit from practice papers as well as study, anxiety, time and other key exam prep tips. Interested parents will receive a link to our video “11+ Tips Every Parent Should Know to Help Their Child Ace Their Exam”.  

  5. Tweens & Teens ($100/week) - Life at secondary school can be overwhelming. Very often students struggle and/or get low grades because they lack executive functioning skills. Our Tween & Teens programme will equip campers with organisational, study, time management, goal setting, research & career skills while ensuring they get a head start on the next school year. 

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